About us

We provide items of the highest standards to International brands, airlines, hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals and others discerning organizations which demand quality products in Europe,  the Asian region, the middle East and north Africa.

Our factory

  • producing ECO- friendly paper bags  to serve the region and international markets
  • uses our kraft paper sourced from European and American A class certified suppliers
  • uses kraft paper which boasts exceptional recyclability and comes from an infinitely renewable resources..
  • uses  Environment friendly water-based inks to offer our clients, the best quality of paper bags professionally designed with a fashionable look and manufactured to international specifications
  • is equipped with a state of the art automatic Japanese high-tech production line, and an Italian printing machine designed for 8 colors to guarantee both an optimum look and the highest possible environmental standards
  • uses special packaging care and procedures to make ready our products for export, this includes a special plastic coverings on wooden pallets to guarantee delivery of the bags without any defect and an accurate delivery time.
  • Produces paper in a sustainable and responsible manner, so more trees are grown than cut down. This means that future generations will have the benefit of forests, and additionally pollution is considerably reduced. Because of all this, the production of our Kraft paper bags meets all the required certificates